Goods inspection policy

Goods inspection involves checking and comparing the received products with the items listed in the customer’s order.

Time of inspection

PHEVA allows customers to verify their order with the delivery staff at the time of receipt. However, product testing is not supported.

Upon receiving the goods, if the customer identifies an error, they can contact the customer service department for assistance with returns. It’s advisable to record a video while opening the box for comparison when necessary

Scope of goods inspection

Customers can verify the actual products received by comparing them with the items listed on their order, following PHEVA staff confirmation. This comparison should be based on sample photos, product codes, and colors. It’s important not to peel or open product boxes sealed by the manufacturer.

Steps to take when the goods received are not as ordered

If the product you receive is not the same as the one you ordered, please contact our customer service team at to confirm your order.

  • If PHEVA incorrectly ships an order, the customer is not obligated to receive the goods or make a payment. If the order has already been paid for, the customer can choose to request a new shipment or a refund. PHEVA will process the refund as soon as possible.
  • If PHEVA packs the goods according to the order but the customer changes their mind, PHEVA does not support returns.