Delivery Policy

Delivery methods

To ensure the quality of our products, PHEVA currently only supports same day delivery for orders within 10km of a PHEVA store.

The shipping is done by shipping service (Grab). The shipping fee is calculated at the time of delivery and is paid directly to the shipping company. PHEVA staffs will contact with the exact amount before delivery. Order in Da Nang and Hanoi are free of charge for all orders from 1.500.000d.

For delivery on the same day as the order, order time limit is 6:30 pm. After 6:30 pm., order will be shipped on the next business day.

Order can be cancelled before shipping by contacting the store or telling PHEVA staff during the contact prior to delivery. If a VAT invoice with company information is requested, Pheva staff must be notified before delivery.

Ordering and delivery policies may change depending on operating conditions and will be notified to customers except in cases of force majeure.

Responsibilities of Logistics Services for Providing Goods Documents During the Delivery Process

  • All orders are packaged by PHEVA ready for shipping.
  • The shipping company will only be responsible for transporting goods “in original packaging, in original condition.”
  • Each package includes the following information: Recipient information (including: recipient name, phone number, address), order code.
  • PHEVA will include an invoice created from the cash register.
  • Invoices generated from the cash registers serve as the basis for handling complaints, including determining the quantity and value of goods.

Liability for Goods Damaged During Transportation

  • For goods damaged during the shipping process, whether the order was shipped by the store itself or by a third party, we will be responsible for resolving the issue for the customer.
  • Customers have the right to refuse the product and request a return in accordance with the “return and refund” regulations. If any issues arise, we will collaborate with the shipping partner to resolve compensation for the order as per the cooperation agreement between the company and the third-party transportation service provider.

Note: In case of delay in delivery, we will promptly inform the customer, and the customer can choose between canceling the order or continuing to wait for the goods.